EXCELlent Addition to RaceAway Fleet

Hyundai Excel racing has exploded in popularity around Australia over the last five years, so we decided it was time to introduce an Excel race car to our line-up!

Since its modest inception at Wakefield Park in 2013, Excel racing has proliferated into other states, with the class setting a new benchmark for entry-level motorsport.

The popularity of Hyundai Excels as road cars has created an abundance of vehicles and spare parts, making it very easy and cheap for people to participate in the sport.

The category attracted a massive 55-car grid when it supported the Bathurst 6 Hour this year, and there are healthy state-level series in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

The Victorian series is particularly strong, to the point where there are often enough entries to run two separate fields.

Our Excel complies with series specifications, running a 1.5 Litre twin-cam motor. As well as being affordable, these engines are also exceptionally reliable and easy to work on.

Other components such as the control Federal tyres and price-capped coil-over suspension options are aimed at containing costs, and ensuring race results are determined by driver ability.

We will be making our Excel available for track days and race meetings, and we recommend it to anyone wanting to hit the track at an affordable price. We offer a range of options to suit different requirements – you can lease the car and look after the transport and preparation yourself, or engage our services for an “arrive-and-drive” experience.

As well as the Excel Series, our car will also comply with CAMS 3E regulations, enabling it to run in a range of production car events – perfect for drivers looking for signatures on their CAMS licence.

With its modest power output and forgiving handling, the Excel is a perfect learning vehicle for newcomers to motorsport. An increasing number of drivers are using Excel racing to learn their craft, before moving on to higher-profile categories. Maybe the RaceAway Track Time Excel will unearth a new racing star!

Slater Impresses in MX5 Cup Debut

Sydney Motorsport Park is not an easy track to learn, and it’s especially difficult if you’re in an unfamiliar car.

But these factors didn’t seem to be a problem for Brayden Slater, who climbed aboard our Mazda NC MX5 for the MX5 Cup races at the Sydney Motorsport Park MRA round on the weekend.

Brayden is based in northern New South Wales and predominantly races his Hyundai Excel in the Series X3 QLD category, at Queensland Raceway, Lakeside and Morgan Park. Brayden has also previously hired our Toyota 86 for a track day at Wakefield Park.

He might only be 18 years old, but Brayden demonstrated maturity beyond his years, with his sensible attitude and approach to the task of learning a new car and a new track.

The Sydney Motorsport Park circuit is one that demands smoothness and finesse through the constant-radius corners, and pure commitment through the high-speed sections at Turn 1 and Corporate Hill.

Before the weekend, we gave Brayden the goal of recording a 1:58 lap-time, but he did significantly better than that, punching out a 1:56 in the weekend’s final race. He also handed himself very well in the dices he had with other cars (no doubt the Excel racing experience helped there)… albeit with a minor off-track excursion while testing the limits at Turn 2!

So while we might be best-known for our Pulsar racing activities, we would recommend the MX5 Cup and also the Mazda RX8 Cup for competitors looking to step up to something a bit more powerful, and also to learn the handling characteristics of a rear-wheel-drive car – and we can put together “arrive-and-drive” packages for competitors who want to race in these categories.

Also, an honourable mention to Tim Colombrita, who contested the Super TT races in his Pulsar to learn the SMP circuit, and Greg Dufficy, who finished third in the non-championship Pulsar race meeting at Wakefield Park.