Goodbye 2020! The RaceAway Track Time Season Review

December 29, 2020

As 2020 nears the end, we look back on the positive memories that this year has given us. Throughout the difficult challenges of bush fires, floods, protests and pandemics, we saw the motorsport community come together and persevere. We are extremely grateful to all our drivers, supporters and partners for another amazing year filled with great success on and off the track.

Here are some of the highlights from the past few months of 2020:

RX8 Cup: The RX8 Cup Series saw newcomer Jamie Canellis in 2020. Showing great promise, Jamie had a fantastic time experiencing the fast paced series, consistently pushing forward with every race that he entered. On the final round of the series at Wakefield Park, number 5 secured 5th place with just two laps to go when an optimistic back marker made an unsuccessful pass forcing our car off the track. Recovering from the incident Jamie finished an incredible 10th outright with a big smile across his face. We’re looking forward to seeing Jamie’s strong talent in 2021.

PWC Summer Series: The Summer Race Series hosted by Pheasant Wood and RaceAway Track Time saw a fantastic turn out for the very first round of the brand new event. All competitors and drivers had an excellent time, seeing great results amongst all the fun had on the day. We can’t wait to see what round 2 has in store on the 17th of January.

PWC Cheap Car Challenge: A first for RaceAway Track Time as we ran our very own All Womens Team at Pheasant Wood Circuit for the 4 hour Cheap Car Challenge. The #WIM Team did not mess around, taking no prisoners on the track. Drivers Maisie Place, Nikki Baker and Cassandra Puckle gave it their all, out driving the guys and even taking home the 3rd place trophy in their class. With a big push to increase female participation in motorsport, this was a massive weekend filled with exceptional driving from our ladies.

APRA Series: The APRA Enduro events resulted in even more success ending 2020. Our Arrive’n’Drive packages saw 4 new rookies Andrew Fisher, Ben Dunn, Yanis Derums and Chris Oxley enter into the APRA Series showing remarkable talent across the board. Other drivers including Brianna Wilson, Jamie Canellis and Josh Haynes also showed their impressive driving skills. In the final round, Josh took home 1st place in the prelim half hour enduro as well as the big 1 hour final, winning by a health margin. Brianna took home driver of the day, with an amazing come from behind effort. Rookies Andrew and Ben got 8th outright in the final 1 hour enduro and Driver Jamie Canellis took home second outright in the B group. An outstanding result for all our drivers!

Bathurst 1000 – Toyota Gazoo Racing 86 Series: Having never even sat in a billy cart prior to January 2019, our Road to Bathurst driver Jake Lougher’s dreams came true as he had the opportunity of a lifetime to race at Mount Panorama in the Toyota 86 Series. Unfortunately some electrical gremlins won on race day and number 66 wasn’t able to finish. At the end of the day it was a very awesome experience for Jake, building upon his character and mentality. Eyes forward and now set on conquering the mountain next year.

MX5 Cup: Driver John Connolly had a fantastic year competing in the Mazda MX5 Cup. We saw a great deal of excellent, clean driving from John, followed by lots of exciting duels with his fellow competitors along the way. An exciting year for #69. We also look forward to seeing John back on the track in 2021.

NSW Production Tour – The Prod Tour Enduro back in September saw some great results from our drivers Jack Winter, Brianna Wilson and Jamie Canellis. With 1 on 1 coaching with our very own Phil Alexander, each driver took home the win in their designated classes. What an achievement!

PWC 4 Hour: On the same weekend as the Prod Tour, drivers Shane Fowler, Dion Pangalos and Ryan Gilroy took home a 6th outright position at the Pheasant Wood Circuit 4 Hour Enduro event. Fantastic result for the 3 drivers, with much potential for the finishing events of the year.

PWC Super Track Days: During the final months of 2020, our last 3 Super Track Days of the year were absolutely incredible. With the help of our many coaches and team members we welcomed a wide variety of drivers and cars to Pheasant Wood Circuit. Each of our drivers were extremely keen to get on the track as soon as they arrived and throughout each day we saw multiple drivers improving their PBs, some by as much as 2 seconds with our coaching system. An incredible outcome for both RaceAway and our clients.

RaceAway’s New Year Plans:

As another busy race season concludes, the RaceAway Track Time Team looks forward to seeing a wide array of drivers behind the wheel, either first-timers or veterans returning to track in 2021.

In January, we eagerly await the first event of the year on the 17th – Round 2 of the Pheasant Wood and RaceAway Track Time Summer Series, followed by our first Super Track Day on the 23rd at Pheasant Wood Circuit. Later in January we see the MRA Round 1 kick off with the NSW Production Car Series, APRA Series and MX5 Cup taking place at Wakefield Park.

We are excited for the upcoming race season, with sights also set on the PWC Deputy 4hr, Series X3, RX8 Cup, T86 Series, AUS 1000, Bathurst 6hr and the Mt Panorama 500.

As usual, our goal and mission is to help drivers achieve their motorsport goals, whether that be obtaining a racing licence, sharpening their on-track skills or simply having fun. With that said, we have multiple track and race cars available to hire for a range of different race events throughout the year.

See you trackside in 2021!




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