RaceAway Rookies Star in Wakefield 300

February 20, 2018

We love endurance racing here at RaceAway Track Time.

The thing about long-distance racing is you have to be prepared for the unexpected, and you have to be ready to adapt on the run.

It’s not normal for everything to go according to plan, so when everything does run like clockwork, it’s actually a pleasant surprise!

John and Tom Connolly charged from 23rd on the grid to finish fourth in Class D and fourth outright in the Wakefield 300 on Sunday, and the mighty Mazda MX5 didn’t miss a beat all day.

John started the race, and pitted on lap 58 of 137 for the five-minute compulsory refuelling pit stop, and to hand over to Tom. While other cars coughed, spluttered or simply cried enough, Tom circulated consistently, recording a best time of 1:13.8.

With temperatures in the mid-30s, the race was a hot, tough, physically demanding marathon for both man and machine, so just to make it to the finish was an achievement. For the Connollys to finish nine positions higher than they started, in their Wakefield 300 debut, was a sensational effort.

Now it’s a very short turnaround to prepare for Round 1 of the APRA Series at Wakefield Park this Sunday!

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