Racecar Setup


RaceAway Track Time is your Racecar Setup Specialist!

Get the most out of your car for your race or track day. We help you understand why the setup is such an important part of motorsport and racing. As a first time racer, there are some basic steps to help set yourself up to go motor racing, working with the necessary equipment and tools. As you develop your racing skills, you will find that your car setup will add another dimension to your racing.

For advanced driving team work, we can assist you with preparing for a race meeting and racecar setup for each racetrack. Raceaway Track Time has a wealth of knowledge in Production Cars, Enduro Racing, and more, so get the advantage and fast track your sport.

Please contact RaceAway on 0472 535 354 or email info@raceawaytracktime.com.au


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